Original Acrylic and Mixed Media Paintings
Hand Made on Maui, Hawai'i


  As a marine biologist and conservationist I have dedicated my life to learning about and protecting our worlds oceans.  I have attempted to capture some of the beauty of the underwater realm in my paintings and photography so that everyone may experience the wonder and awe I feel in the ocean.  Proceeds from the sale of this artwork supports our sister organization Tides of Change Research and Conservation. 



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Our Mission

Funding Science through Art

Art and conservation science are my passion! I believe that through art, experience and education we can gain momentum in finding solutions to large scale environmental issues such as climate change and over utilizing our natural resources.  To achieve this goal Hoku Kai Creations and Tides of Change Research and Conservation where created. Tides of Change promotes community participation in local conservation, creates education videos, and conducts ecotourism training and activities. 

Part of the proceeds from this artwork will go to our sister organization 

Tides of Change

Research and Conservation

Shell collection and dolphins Aug 2012 0